311 Service Request Volumes (2010-2012)


311 Service Request Volumes (2010-2012)


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The data provides a summary of requests for service that require action by City staff. Data is presented by ward and shows the responsible City department and service request description. Service Requests may be received from citizens through the following Channels:

  • 311 Contact Centre,
  • Client Service Centres
  • 311 Email
  • Web-based Self- Service portal

Service requests may also be generated internally by City staff.

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There are no known errors in the dataset.

\u2022 Main report does not include Graffiti service requests logged via an online form on ( which is not linked to the current Citizen Service Management system. These requests are reported in a note to the posted data.

\u2022 Some of the service requests reported may subsequently be reclassified or new requests opened to deal with separate issues arising from the original request. These actions may result in slight variations in the data subsequently reported from the databases. These variances range from 0.0% to 0.5% and are not considered material for analysis purposes.


Call Type: first level of Service Request classification, e.g. Bylaw Services \u2022 Call Description: second level of Service Request classification, e.g. Animals \u2022 Ward x: the ward number (ward names, numbers, and geographic area can be referenced here or here) \u2022 Total: total counts for all wards by service request description

Author Kyla Weir
Author Email Kyla Weir
Maintainer Quality and Standards Branch, Service Ottawa Department
Maintainer Email Quality and Standards Branch, Service Ottawa Department


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