2015 Tabular Transportation Collision Data


2015 Tabular Transportation Collision Data


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Transportation Collisions

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The City of Ottawa provides this information in good faith but provides no warranty, nor accepts any liability arising from any incorrect, incomplete or misleading information or its improper use.

X & Y Accuracy:

• Excel Sheet ‘YYYY_all_records’ contains all records for specified year

• Records listed in Excel Sheet ‘pinned_to_centroid’ are contained within ‘YYYY_all_records’ however represent locations where exact X & Y coordinates along roadway or intersection were unavailable.

• records listed in ‘pinned_to_centroid’ sheet are physically placed on line segment centroid (midpoint) or directly at intersection of 2 or more roadways.

• Total records without exact X & Y 138 of 15,078 (2015) or <1%


• X and Y coordinate format is projected in MTM Zone 9, NAD83 (CSRS)

• KML and CSV/XLS formats are projected in latitude, longitude (WGS84);

• Date

• Time

• Location description (RD1 @ RD2 or RD from RD 1 to RD 2)

• Classification of collision (non-fatal, fatal, property damage only)

• Collision location (Intersection, non-intersection, at/near private driveway)

• Road surface condition (Ice, wet, dry snow...)

• Environment (Clear, rain, snow…)

• Light (daylight, dawn, dusk…)

• Initial impact type (Angle, turning movement, rear-end…)

• Traffic control (stop, traffic signal, no control…)

Author Transportation Data Collection & Analytics
Author Email Transportation Data Collection & Analytics
Maintainer Transportation Services Department, Traffic Services Branch
Maintainer Email Transportation Services Department, Traffic Services Branch


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