Elected Officials


Elected Officials


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Additional Info

Field Value

Provides a listing of all City Councillors and the Mayor along with contact information.

Date First Published
Update Frequency

There are no known issues associated with the data. Fields that do not apply to the City or the Elected Official were left blank.


District Name: ward name
District ID: ward number
Elected Office: Mayor or Councillor
First Name: first name of official
Last Name: last name of official
Gender: M or F
Party Name: blank (not applicable to City of Ottawa)
Email: email address of official
URL: website address for official
Photo URL: website address for photo of official
Personal URL: personal website for official
Address Line 1: street name and number
Address Line 2: blank
Locality: city of office
Postal code: postal code for office
Province: province of office
Phone: phone number of office
Fax: fax number of office

Author Andrew Lomas
Author Email Andrew Lomas
Maintainer City Clerk, Councillor Support Services
Maintainer Email City Clerk, Councillor Support Services


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