Garbage and Recycling Schedules


Garbage and Recycling Schedules


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Additional Info

Field Value

There are two ways to access the scheduling data: downloading the .SHP or .KML files and the CSV file or by utilizing the API.

Downloadable Files:
SHP and KML files provide the geographic pick-up zones and corresponding calendars (e.g. A or B) as well as the pick-up day of the week, e.g. Monday, Tuesday, etc and other attributes. The CSV file provides the corresponding pick-up schedules for green bin, garbage, black and blue boxes for each calendar.

Holidays are identified in a CSV file. When holidays occur the pick-up day is pushed to the following day for that schedule and all remaining days in that week, e.g. when there is a holiday on a Monday the pick-up will be moved to a Tuesday for those scheduled with a Monday pick-up and all subsequent schedules will be pushed forward one day for the remainder of that week. As such a Friday holiday would push that pick-up schedule to Saturday and the next week would return to normal schedules.

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• Ottawa area attributes:

Date First Published
Update Frequency
As changes occur.

There are no known errors associated with the data; however, due to unforeseen circumstances schedules can change throughout the year, in which case the schedules will be updated as soon as possible.


SHP Files:

\u2022 FID \u2013 Unique Identifier

\u2022 Shape \u2013 Denotes that all features are poloygons

\u2022 OBJECTID \u2013 Identifier denoting object creation order

\u2022 GCD \u2013 Garbage Collection Day

\u2022 C_Zone \u2013 Contract Zone

\u2022 Schedule \u2013 Calendar Schedule \u2013 Either Calendar A, B, A-Apt or B-Apt. See below for breakdown.

\u2022 Contractor \u2013 Company contracted for collection

\u2022 Shape_Leng \u2013 Length of shape \u2013 automatically generated by ArcMap

\u2022 Shape_Area \u2013 Area of Shape \u2013 automatically generated by ArcMap

KML: Same as .SHP

CSV Files:

\Collection Calendar-Jul2016-June2017 \u201d:

Week Number: week number for that week starting on the Monday and ending on Sunday, e.g. July 2-8, 2012 is considered week 27 for 2012. Week numbers start at 1 on the first Monday of the year.

From Date: date of the Monday in that week in dd-mmm-yy format

To Date: date of the Sunday in that week in a dd-mmm-yy

Schedule A: items collected that week

Schedule B: items collected that week

Legend for collected items:

Green = Green Bin

Garbage = Garbage

Black = Black Bin

Blue = Blue Bin

Schedule Field Breakdown:

A-Apt (Gar-GMP-Fbr) / B-Apt (Gar-GMP-Fbr)

Gar = Multi-Residential Garbage Collection

GMP = Multi-Residential GMP Collection

Fbr = Multi-Residential Fibre Collection

If a collection is missing from the schedule it is assumed that items are collected through curbside collection.

Holidays: dd-mmm-yy format

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