Inventory of Vacant Industrial and Business Park Lands


Inventory of Vacant Industrial and Business Park Lands


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Data used for the Inventory of Vacant Industrial and Business Park Lands Survey. The report monitors the adequacy of supply and land consumption rates for industrial and business park lands. The report includes detailed mapping of all industrial and business park areas in both urban and rural parts of the city.  

The survey reports on the inventory of vacant industrial and business park land in the urban and rural areas of the city of Ottawa as of the end of 2015.  

Expansion Land – Remaining lots that are judged to be of significant size when only a portion of a property parcel gets developed. These “expansion” lots are not counted as part of the overall vacant industrial land supply unless at some point the area is severed and a new lot is created.  

Net/Gross – Net vacant land is derived by applying an 85 per cent factor on lots greater than 5.0 ha and some smaller sized lots if they are adjacent to these large lots.  

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Points derived from the centroid of shapes originally based on parcel fabric at the time of creation.


{BP_Name} Business Park Name  

{BP_NAME_FR} Nom du parc industriel  

{BP_no_2015} Business Park # / No du parc industriel  

{Label_2015} Label / Étiquette  

{AreaHa2015} Area (ha) / Superficie (ha)  

{Acres2015} Area (ac) / Superficie (a)  

{NET_GROSS} Net or Gross  

{NETTE_BRUTE} Nette ou brute  

{AreaNet_15} Net (ha) / Nette (ha)  

{EXPANSION} Expansion Land  

{EXPANSION_} Terrain d’expansion  


• DWG and SHP formats are projected in MTM Zone 9, NAD83 (CSRS)

• KML and CSV/XLS formats are projected in latitude, longitude (WGS84); this is relevant for CSV/XLS files only if they contain latitude and longitude. 

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