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Job Opportunities


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Provides the current job opportunities at the City in an .xml format.

Date First Published
Update Frequency
Everyday 11:30am and 5pm

There are no known errors in the data; however, there are opportunities for errors to occur, and users are able to cross reference the information with that found on the City\u2019s website:


NAME- Always City of Ottawa

POSITION- This is the name of the position/job title

JOBREF- This is the Competition Number reference I.E.; 2014-EX-EN-600001486-01.

JOBURL- The URL for the specific job that is being posted via the careers link job posting Each published job posting has a unique URL. This URL links directly back to that specific job poster.

COMPANY_DESC- Calls from the attributes of the position, and the section that is completed at the time of creating the requisition. Information in this section includes, Department and Branch information, the type of position (Full-time temp, continuous, casual etc), Union affiliation, Salary or hourly rate of pay and the location.

JOB_SUMMARY- Information summarizes the duties of the position with HTML markup.

EDUCATIONANDEXP \u2013 Provides details with HTML markup on the education and experience required for the position(s).

LANGUAGE_CERTIFICATES- Provides language and certification requirements of the positions with HTML markup.

KNOWLEDGE \u2013 Provides information the knowledge and competencies required with HTML markup

POSTDATE: date of when the competition was posted.

SALARYMIN: Minimum rate or annual salary if available

SALARYMAX: Maximum rate or annual salary if available

SALARYTYPE: If the salary is based on hourly rate or on an annual amount if available

EXPIRYDATE: the date of when the competition closes

Author John Mackinnon
Author Email John Mackinnon
Maintainer Human Resources, Resourcing & Talent Management Branch
Maintainer Email Human Resources, Resourcing & Talent Management Branch


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