Opioid overdose emergency department visit count by month


Opioid overdose emergency department visit count by month


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Monthly count of emergency department visits at Ottawa hospitals for patients diagnosed with an opioid overdose/poisoning

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This data is specific to opioids and so counts will be lower than counts of suspected overdose related emergency department visits.

Opioid overdose visits include unscheduled emergency department visits where opioid poisoning was recorded as the main or other problem. Unconfirmed diagnoses are excluded.

Counts include all patients with an opioid overdose who are seen at Ottawa hospital emergency departments regardless of the patient's place of residence. Patients who reside outside of Ottawa and are seen at Ottawa hospitals are included.

Counts include all overdoses, regardless of the intent of the person who overdosed.

Cases include all ages and all levels of severity.

Counts are preliminary and may change over time as data is updated.

This data is not specific to the type of opioid (e.g. heroin or fentanyl) or the circumstances of it's use (therapeutic, recreational etc.).

Monthly counts of less than 5 will be suppressed for privacy purposes.

Source: National Ambulatory Care Reporting System (NACRS), Canadian Institute for Health (CIHI)

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Maintainer Jason Haug
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