Emergency Room Suspected Drug Overdose


Emergency Room Suspected Drug Overdose

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A weekly count of suspected overdose-related emergency department visits at Ottawa hospitals.

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• Data is suspected drug overdose-related emergency department visits

• This data is not specific to a particular drug (e.g. heroin, MDMA, or fentanyl).

• Counts include all patients seen at Ottawa hospitals regardless of place of residence.

• Cases of suspected drug-overdose include only patients between the ages of 10 and 64 years. Cases are identified through a classification system that identifies potential overdoses based on the chief complaint at triage;

• Cases are limited to those that are life threatening or potentially life threatening based on a Canadian Triage Acuity Score (CTAS) of 1 or 2. If the CTAS is not available (e.g., for certain Ottawa hospitals), cases are included if the chief complaint is "Overdose";

• Cases may be due to an overdose that is intentional, unintentional, or of undetermined intent. However, cases due to intentional overdoses are removed if possible.

• Cases due to medication overdoses or medication errors are also removed if possible;

• Case counts may change periodically due to recoding of historical data;

• Case counts are likely overestimates of the true number of emergency department visits due to overdose from drugs taken used for non-medical purposes. This is because a chief complaint of "Overdose" may be used in instances of medical errors, for example.


Weekly count with weeks starting on Mondays

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