Play Structures and Areas


Play Structures and Areas


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Additional Info

Field Value

Point file of Play Structures and Play Areas located in City of Ottawa parkland.

Date First Published
Update Frequency
As needed.

Points were collected in the field using GPS software on handheld computers. Points were then verified / adjusted using aerial photography.


Field Names:
OBJECTID: internal number
PARK_ID: unique number for park, matches park file
FACILITYID: facility ID number
CLASS: \u201cplay structure\u201d or \u201cplay area\u201d
AGE_GROUP: \u201cjunior\u201d, \u201csenior\u201d, \u201ctoddler\u201d, \u201cnone\u201d, or null
CLIMBING: \u201cy\u201d, \u201cn\u201d, or null
TIRE_SWING: \u201cy\u201d, \u201cn\u201d, or null
PRE_SWINGS: \u201cy\u201d, \u201cn\u201d, or null
SWINGS: \u201cy\u201d, \u201cn\u201d, or null
SLIDES: \u201cy\u201d, \u201cn\u201d, or null
SEE_SAW: \u201cy\u201d, \u201cn\u201d, or null
SAND_BOX: \u201cy\u201d, \u201cn\u201d, or null
HOPSCOTCH: \u201cy\u201d, \u201cn\u201d, or null
PLAYHOUSE: \u201cy\u201d, \u201cn\u201d, or null
SPRING_TOY: \u201cy\u201d, \u201cn\u201d, or null
OTHER: \u201cy\u201d, \u201cn\u201d, or null
FENCING: \u201cy\u201d, \u201cn\u201d, or null
Latitude: latitude coordinate
Longitude: longitude coordinate

Author Warren Bedford
Author Email Warren Bedford
Maintainer Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services
Maintainer Email Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services


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