The site provides a beautiful visual summary of service requests that require action by City staff. Data is presented by ward and users can delve into service request description by individual wards and also over four quarters of year 2012.

OpenData sources used

311 Service Request Volume:


The value it provides to residents

Clicking on individual wards updates the charts accordantly. The users can interact with map and wards layer, with bubble-tree and line-chart to see the amount of Service Request on each ward.


  1. Majid Noori

    Hi Ehsan,

    Great job mate! Intuitive and easy to get information about the main purpose of the App. I like flash visualization for the statistical figure and swiftness of navigation over the map in comparison to App96!

    Good Luck!

  2. yasser musavi

    Great job man.
    Best of luck

  3. Admin

    Any chance of updating this with the most recent data:

    Great site, would love to see it updated with the new month reports' data.

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