DefibrillApp is a web-based application that maps the city's Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). The app provides general information about AEDs and their proper usage, as well as several interactive maps highlighting the locations of AEDs as well as their proximity to Outdoor Sport locations.

The inspiration and motivation for the app came from a desire to help those suffering from the most prevalent, and life-threatening health conditions - those of the heart.

OpenData sources used

Public Access Defibrillators
Ball Diamonds
Basket Ball Courts
Outdoor Rinks
Sports Fields
Tennis Courts
Volleyball Courts

The value it provides to residents

The main purpose of DefibrillApp is to raise public awareness of the proper use of , as well as the locations of the city's strategically-placed AEDs. A secondary purpose is to help city planners understand the distribution of AEDs and help plan any future placements of new AEDs.

Specifically, the app was designed with the following goals:
- Introduce Ottawa residents to the life-saving technology of AEDs.
- Show Ottawa residents where AEDs are located in their city.
- Highlight areas of Ottawa where AEDs are close-by
- Put a spotlight on where AEDs are located, and highlight "cold-spots"
- Show sport-locations around the city that are not close to an AED


  1. Lyndsay Lewis

    What a great app idea! It's so important to educate people on the proper use of AEDs, and now that this data is open, where the closest AED is located. Educating people, enabling better city planning and potentially saving lives - winning combo!

  2. Natalee Lewis

    I just completed my CPR+AED and the instructor mentioned there were not enough AED's in Ottawa. This app will help locate them in time of need and could be the reason why lives are saved. At a time when emergency response is crucial - this should be available as an emergency preparedness means to help Ottawa plan!

  3. Philippe Dame

    Brilliant idea. Looks great and functions well. This could save a life!

  4. Glenda Lewis

    Glenda Lewis
    great app! This should be available in every city. It really will save countless lives.

  5. Joyce French

    Great idea! The City of Ottawa should definitely pick this one up!

  6. Daniel Dallaire

    The City should definitely get the app!!!

  7. Lysanne

    What a great idea!

  8. Derek Smith

    What a great idea! You've made great use of the City of Ottawa's information. I hope you win, fine sir!

  9. Anne Young

    A very clever and useful tool. I would certainly use it. A winner!

    Anne young

  10. Gisele Matthews

    Good idea, the City of Ottawa needs this!!!

  11. Nancy Pratt

    Wonderful idea, good for you!!!

  12. Nancy Seguin

    AEDs are proven to be life-saving. Great App Shawn!

  13. Karen Piersol

    Great app - a definite must-have for the city! Well done!

  14. Devon Brown

    As a first responder we must act quickly, and this app allows us to locate the nearest AED without hesitation. Great concept!

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