OC Bus Tracker is a fully bilingual mobile web app that allows Ottawa transit goers to view accurate arrival times based on onboard, real-time, bus GPS coordinates. As the first non-official Ottawa bus app to be released, thousands in the Ottawa area rely on OC Bus Tracker every day to get them around the city and save them from wasting time at bus stops.

Apps should be made available to everyone, not *just* those with an iPhone or Android phone. OC Bus Tracker is totally free, works on any mobile device, even older Blackberries and iPods Nanos, as well as on any tablet or desktop computer (Mac, Windows, Linux etc.).

It requires no download and has an advanced user design interface to make checking your bus arrival time simple and easy. Not only is it the only real-time bus arrival app that works with any device that's also in several app stores, it's also the only one that allows you to search multiple bus arrival times (up to 5 at once) for those of us who can take several buses to get to their destination and want to take the bus that's most convenient. Based on the feedback received this added convenience has been of great value to a many.

Whether you're on a tablet, Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Phone or just chilling on your laptop or desktop, OC Bus Tracker makes sure you know when the bus is really arriving. Don't waste time waiting at a bus stop during the cold Ottawa winter or when road constructions delay the bus. Know exactly when it's coming so you can maximize your time and get the most out of life.

OpenData sources used

OC Transpo Live Next Bus Arrival GPS Data
OC Transpo Schedule (GTFS)

The value it provides to residents

- Completely free to use
- Works on any smart phone or desktop computer
- Tells you if the bus has a bike rack or not
- Based on live open data freely available to the community
- Get your bus' arrival time based on up-to-the-minute GPS coordinates
- View where your bus is right on Google Maps
- Select multiple buses for each stop
- Find Me feature allows for device GPS search of stops around you
- Save frequently used buses and stops for quick access


  1. chris wilcox

    great app...easy to use and accurate. It's so great to be able to check your smart-phone and know where your bus is along the route.

  2. Marc Prince

    Awarding Sean this prize is the least the City of Ottawa can do! He developed the app himself and made it free for everybody....He should be commended for his generosity, most would have sought profit.

    My hat is off to you Sean. Thank-you...


  3. Sean Smith

    Very intuitive and as mentioned on Sean's site - he's committed to keeping this app free of charge. Worked like a charm for me on both Blackberry and desktop computer.

  4. Mark Holoubek

    This web app is truly terrific. I have yet to find a better website or dedicated app for tracking WTF has happened to my bus. The use of maps is genius. Good luck, Sean, you deserve the recognition!!

  5. Patrick Fisher

    I don't even live in the city and I use this app all the time!

  6. Chris authier

    Keep up the good work.

  7. Josh Scharf

    I use this app every day and it's much better than it's native counterparts! No installation, no problem. Just open a browser and you're good to go.

  8. Vladimir Vobruba

    Works on Symbian too !!!

  9. B laidlaw

    Great APP!

  10. Annik Pinard

    Much better than the OC Transpo app! Love that you can see the bus on the map.

  11. Shelley Goertzen

    I've been using Sean's app since I read about it in the Ottawa Citizen, must be about a year or so now. It's the best app ever! Thanks, Sean, and good luck in the app contest!

  12. Arnold Zeman

    This is a AAA+ app that has never let me down. Fantastic & very helpful initiative by a clearly social-minded developer. Kudos!

  13. Jason Trimble

    Love this app. Use it on my workstation, tablet and my iPhone. It's amazing, and so nice to know if the bus has a bike rack or not!

  14. Tyler Smith

    The key is you can see the bus location on the map and the last time that the location was updated.

  15. Nandini Sarma

    Just lkove it. I'm using the bus more because this app helps me ma.age my time more effectively.

  16. tyler riggs

    This is great I use it everyday. I work all over the city thanx sean

  17. suzanne vezina

    I would be lost without this app...I use it multiple times each day. Nothing else even compares.

  18. Augustina

    AWESOME idea. This would be so incredibly useful.

  19. Igor Zbitnof

    Great idea!

  20. Anna belanger

    Way to go Sean! Vote for this app, people - it is awesome!

  21. Tracy Vitello

    I love this app. it makes it easy to plan and specially in the winter I don't have to wait outside in the cold too long. This app. is very accurate.

  22. Charles Hebert

    Great app! You get my vote !

  23. Belle Paquette

    I love this App! I used it everyday :) It's always on time ;)

  24. Mike Pitre

    This app is simply amazing, not only for its direct daily usefulness to me and its elegant design, but most of all it is one of the best demonstrations of the value of open data. Absolutely brilliant. Way to go Sean!

  25. Cat C

    Great app. Always use it when I'm taking the buses and its accurate 99% of the time. Very reliable and tells me when I need to hustle to catch my bus and when I can take it easy.

  26. John Weingardt

    Very great app. Very accurate. Nice for rainy days - you can sit in the shelter up to the last minute - literally.

  27. G Collins

    I use this app everyday it is efficient and easy to use!

  28. Anthony Michel

    If you take the bus in Ottawa, this is indispensable. I rely on it daily and it never disappoints.

  29. Jennifer Stannard

    I use the app all the time. I get the time to finish up things before leaving, or have the choice to rush and catch that bus coming in 2 minutes. I love that you can track most on GPS and it helps me with bus connections. Very helpful at stops you do not frequent often. Details about the bus are key for bike transport or for those who may prefer to wait for a larger sized bus or double decker. Can't live without this app and love that I never wait more than 2 minute for my bus anymore (great for winter). Advertising is user friendly for a free app. Highly recommend for all!

  30. Brigid Prince

    This app is a great supplement to my commute.

  31. Shawn V

    Great app. It helps a lot.

  32. Khalil Issa

    very helpfull for bus users like myself ,

  33. Kabecca Munayi

    I probably use this 50 times a day. I'm not even joking.

  34. Royce Fu

    Bus 176 is incorrectly named Barrhaven Centre and there is never any data for it. This bus is Dekin/Argula on westbound trips.

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