Ever wonder how many baseball diamonds are in the city? Where are all the splash pads? Just how big is the network of cycling paths?

This visualization is a layered map of recreational resources with Ottawa. With a quick glance is shows the distribution of these resources throughout the city.

OpenData sources used

This visualization uses several OpenData sources from and, including;

- Wards 2010
- Water
- Rivers
- Roadways
- Ball diamonds 2009
- Basketball courts 2009
- Beaches
- Community gardens
- Lawn bowling
- Outdoor pools
- Outdoor rinks
- Parks, all parkland
- Skateboard parks 2009
- Sledding hills
- Splash pads
- Sports fields 2009
- Tennis courts 2009
- Volleyball courts 2009
- Wading pools
- Cycling network

The value it provides to residents

This visualization helps to see how we've build out the recreation resources within our community.

It helps residents to make informed requests/comments to the council when faced with planning decisions.

It helps the City better plan funds associated with recreation and makes it easier to align with the City's stated priority HC2, "Improve Parks & Recreation".


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