'My OC Transpo' is a unique transportation App that helps you find your way around Ottawa and the Valley.

Near me
✓ Discover near-by bus stops by moving along the map
✓ Locate a specific bus stop by using the search feature
✓ Find your current location by using the Find me feature

Route Schedules
✓ Display arrival times

Stop Schedules
✓ Display a list of all routes that passes through a specific stop
✓ Display up to 3 trips using GPS real-time data
✓ Display scheduled/estimated timetable

✓ Plan a trip, and display all related trip instructions

✓ Display a list of your favourite routes/stops

✓ Display a history of your accessed routes

Live Updates
✓ Display the latest news from the Official OC Transpo website

✓ Place a widget on your home-screen

OpenData sources used

✓ GTFS Data Exchange
✓ OC Transpo Live Next Bus Arrival Data Feed
✓ OC Transpo official web site

The value it provides to residents

The many features in this App help tourists and daily commuters find bus stops, obtain accurate and real-time route arrival times. It utilizes GPS, and GTFS data provided by OC Transpo.


  1. Ayad

    Fantastic app. I use it daily without fail on my android phone. The developer is very responsive to questions and requests for improvements. A must have and should win the contest for sure.

  2. Steve Redshaw

    Great app, I take OC Transpo daily, and have a variable work day, this app reduces the amount of time I spend at bus stops and allows me to minimize travel time by looking at alternate routes while travelling.

  3. Soonat mahmood

    Luv ittt !!!

  4. hadeeeel

    thank u sooo much i really love it

  5. Steven Low

    I use it everyday. Has really changed improved way I use the bus system here in Ottawa, which is the point of this contest after all. The developer is genuinely helpful and deserves to win the prize. Huge fan of this FREE app!

  6. Mahmoud Sabah

    Looks good and useful .. !!

  7. Philip Renda

    I've been using the free version of the app for about 6 months, it's made such a positive impact on my quality of life that I decided to help support the developer by purchasing the ad-free version for 99 cents.

    Have you ever waited in the snow/rain for a bus that's late or worse never showed up ? Never again, with this app I can actually see where my bus is on a street map of Ottawa !! I only leave the comfort of my home or work when the bus is just a few blocks away, allowing me to maximize my productivity and avoid impatience and frustration. No more time wasted waiting for a bus that's off schedule.

    Also, the developer responds quickly to questions and regularly issues updated versions of the app with bug fixes and new features.

    Keep up the great work Ali, you deserve to win !!

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