OC Help Me is a bus arrival time tracking web application. It was designed to be as small as possible while still providing people with access to what they want to know (Where is my bus).

Bookmark your favourite Stop/Route combo, track multiple buses at the same stop (separated by a space), find out what stops are near you buy entering the street you're on.

Code is freely available at and GPL V3 Licensed. Easy to run your own!

OpenData sources used

OC Transpo Live Next Bus Arrival Data Feed
GTFS Data Exchange

The value it provides to residents

Helps residents know when their buses will arrive regardless of platform (PC, Blackberry, Android, iOS, etc..).


  1. David Awmack

    Such an amazing app!!!!! Great job!

  2. Julia Franklin

    Love it. Amazing app. So helpful.

  3. Roger Duquette


  4. Jayme Albert

    Helped me out more times than i can remember. Vote for this app for great justice.

  5. Vikki Blair

    This app is a great asset for a full-time bus taker. It allows you to know if you just missed the bus, or if you still have time. Especially good if you are taking a route you aren't accustomed to. Love it!

  6. Andre Arsenault

    I started using it three weeks ago and I love it. Super fast (even on an old BlackBerry browser) and accurate. Extremely useful to determine when to switch bus routes (as I have one than one alternative) when I come back home. The interface is very basic but provides everything I need. Well done.

  7. Mario Beauchamp

    Clean look, very responsive! Great job. Works on all my many many devices!!!

  8. Marcel Leblanc

    Good job

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