With the Whistling Lights app for Android devices, you can view all of the red light cameras in Ottawa.

When you use the app and start monitoring the distance to red light cameras you will be notified by a unique whistling sound that tells you when you come within 150 Meters of a light. Since the app does not use your standard notification sound you will never get tempted to look at your phone while driving.

Whistling Lights comes with a widget that you can place on your homescreen or lockscreen to turn on or off the distance monitoring without having to open the app.

OpenData sources used

Red Light Camera Locations

The value it provides to residents

Whistling lights is a valuable app for residents and people visiting the city of Ottawa because it informs them about the location of the red light cameras in Ottawa without tempting them to look at there phones while driving.


  1. Daniel Gagnier

    Look for the App on the Google Play Store at

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