OC Transpo Tracker is an app designed to take full advantage of the GPS locations provided by the Ottawa buses. This apps lets you find or enter bus stops close to you, and maps out the exact location of the bus on a map, along with the exact arrival time at your stop. No more waiting at the bus stop in winter! You can even set a notification to automatically alert you when the bus is arriving. Feedback and new features welcome!

- Find stops near you or with 4 digit code
- Save stops in your favorites
- Automatic notifications when bus is close
- Visual representation of the bus and your stop on the map

OpenData sources used

OC Transpo GTFS for stop locations, and OC Transpo Live GPS Data Feed.

The value it provides to residents

Ottawa is a city filled with commuters, many of which take the bus. The goal of this application is to keep those commuters informed, and save them time. By alerting them when the bus is arriving, someone can leave work or home at the exact right time. No more waiting at a bus stop when a bus is late, and no more missing your bus when the bus is early.


  1. Marc Dumontier

    I have been using this app since January and that is the best one I've seen. Very easy to use. It even tells you the bus type (40-feet, 60-feet, double-decker) and whether a bus rack is attached.

  2. Steve Zhang

    I have been using this app since last year. It is good.

  3. Douglas Murray

    I've been using it for a few months and does a great job :)

  4. ZomoKeeno

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