How does Free Environmental Inspection App work?

It’s super simple! Take a picture of an environmental problem, add your comments and send it to Mold Busters. “Mold Busters – The Mold Removal Experts” will work with proper authorities on fixing the environmental issue and provide you with a free advice and a quote if needed.

Mold Busters is the world’s leading mold inspection company, operating around the world since 2005 and providing Ottawa, Gatineau, Montreal, Toronto, Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with the most comprehensive environmental protection services and the fastest results.

OpenData sources used

The following OpenData sources are used:
- Address Points (main and subordinates)
- Boundaries - City Area
- Boundaries - Former Municipalities
- Boundaries - Former Townships
- Boundaries - Lot Concession Township
- Buildings - Large

The value it provides to residents

Free Environmental Inspection App is useful for many reasons:
1) If you are purchasing a new home, our app can help you avoid buying a home with a hidden structural problem.
2) Similarly, if you are selling your home, our app can help you.
3) Our app also helps families who are happy in their homes determine whether their air quality is being compromised by some hidden environmental problem.

Often, our inspection will reveal an underlying moisture problem in the house: past flooding, water damage, cracks in the foundation, leaky pipes, a poor ventilation system, leaks in roofing, poor insulation, or general high relative humidity.


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