Offline map of Ottawa, this version is not free, available from Blackberry store. A link to the free beta version is provided.
If used on line then there are around 2,000 linked web sites that can be accessed for further information.

e.g. Search by name Select Blooms
select Florist Select Blooms
show on map
touch POI
show POI website

OpenData sources used

Contains all OC transpo bus stops with 560 numbers and names (GTFS), City baseball diamonds, City Basket ball courts, City community gardens, City cycling network, City Library Locations, City outdoor rinks, City named Parks, City Sports fields, City Tennis courts, City wading pools etc

Note not all these may be displayable or searchable due to software limitations.

The value it provides to residents

Contains all OC transpo bus stops with 560 numbers and names, Ottawa Parks, 150+ free wifi locations, road names and addresses from Government of Canada CANVEC etc. Available in 37 different languages. Has off line routing for car, bicycle and pedestrians.

Use the road off line routing to get the distance in kilometers, multiply by $2 and add $3.50 to get an estimated taxi fare.


  1. John Whelan

    I see someone has voted for it so I'm glad to see it works.

    Thanks John

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