Ottawa Gn'R provides you with the weekly garbage, recycling and compost schedule based on your location in the city of Ottawa. The integrated Waste Explorer allows you to figure out which bin to toss things in. Future updates might include hazardous waste drop-off and other waste management information and tips.

Always trying to figure out what should go to the curb this week? Stop guessing, use Ottawa Gn'R.

OpenData sources used

Garbage and recycling schedules

The value it provides to residents

The City of Ottawa provides residents with a yearly waste pickup calendar as well as other waste management resources, such as e-mail notifications. Although these are great resources they do not meet the needs of all residents. By making this app available, residents who are attached to their smart phones can access this information in a convenient form, at their fingertips.

According to City of Ottawa 311 data, calls for replacement Calendars numbered over 17,000 for the 4th quarter of 2012. Ottawa Gn'R can be a cost effective way to reduce 311 call traffic and associated costs for delivery of Waste Pickup Calendars.


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