Offline map of Ottawa in Java - free

It is not user friendly and is not a serious entry for the general public. However for masochists and those interested in how electronic mapping works it can be treated as a bit of fun. I have seen some American tourists use it for preference because it does offer all the POI (points of interest tag) information and it is possible to restrict the searches to find only those tennis courts listed in the City of Ottawa's open data for example.

Electronic maps have nodes and ways that connect them. These nodes and ways have tags that contain information. Typically a rendering system will represent some of this information as an icon. JOSM allows you view and search all the tag values.

Two versions of the map are available, the urban area and the full city. The full city requires starting JOSM with extra memory in Windows which is not a trivial task, the urban area should run on a standard JOSM configuration.

OpenData sources used

Contains all OC transpo bus stops with 560 numbers and names (GTFS), City baseball diamonds, City Basket ball courts, City community gardens, City cycling network, City Library Locations, City outdoor rinks, City named Parks, City Sports fields, City Tennis courts, City wading pools etc

The value it provides to residents

Contains all OC transpo bus stops with 560 numbers and names, Ottawa Parks, 150+ free wifi locations, road names and addresses from Government of Canada CANVEC etc. It is available in 19 different languages and on a wide variety of platforms including Mac OS, ubuntu.


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