Imagine the world of tomorrow. A future where up-to-date public transit information is in the palm of your hands. No more worrying about when your bus is coming, whether it's on time, delayed or cancelled. Imagine stepping out your front door, or visiting Ottawa for the first time, and knowing exactly where to find your bus.

For Windows 8 and Windows Phone users, that future is today! Rapid Transit Ottawa provides everything needed for residents and tourists to easily find their way around this great city.

Rapid Transit Ottawa is available from the Windows Store and Windows Phone Marketplaces. The current versions include:

- Simple, easy-to-use interface providing up-to-date transit information to help you quickly plan your next bus trip.
- Find the next arrival times using scheduled data, or real-time estimated arrival times based on OC Transpo's GPS data.
- Multiple ways to find buses: Find all stops for a route, find routes servicing a stop, find the stops closest to your current location, or use the Bing search engine to find stops on a map.
- Keep track of your most recently used stops using the "Favourites" feature.
- Use the "Quick Trips" feature to save frequently used stop and route combinations. Instantaneously get the next arrival times for your bus.
- Stay informed of route delays, detours and cancellations with integrated updates direct from OC Transpo's Twitter feed.

Note: The screenshot shows the Windows 8 version. Please go to the provided link to find the individual marketplace links for each version.

OpenData sources used

GTFS Data Exchange
OC Transpo Live Next Bus Arrival Data Feed

The value it provides to residents

Easily find your way around the city. Obtain real-time updates for any route you choose and stay informed of detours or trip cancellations, all from your choice of desktop, laptop, phone or tablet!


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