On In Ottawa for Windows 8 makes it easy to discover upcoming events in the Ottawa region.

Find events using common time periods such as "Today", "Tomorrow", "Next 7 Days", "This Month" and upcoming months, and filter by location and category.

Once you've found events, find their exact location using Bing Maps and bookmark them for use across your Windows 8 devices using the Favorite button on the bottom appbar of each event details page.

Live Tile notifications keep you advised when new events are added.

Note: To use favorites, you need to sign in using your Microsoft Account.

OpenData sources used

Spotlight Ottawa/Gatineau Events Calendar

The value it provides to residents

Easily discover upcoming events in the region, and bookmark them as favorites so you don't miss them.


  1. Sam Stevenson

    A great way to keep track of all that is going on in Ottawa. I don't know how many times i've missed an event, simply because I didn't know about it or it has not been updated properly. This will definitely help a lot!

  2. Luke Borgeouis

    What a useful app...Just things like knowing about the Vodou exhibit at the museum has sold me right away. Great idea

  3. Steve Donohue

    Awesome, the map locator goes along with it well too...

  4. Ethan Werner

    good stuff- it'll help to discover all of the things going on in the city and easily find them. Well done

  5. Sarah Phox

    This one should win! There is not enough information about everything and a lot of the events are not updated by the City. With more awareness like this, there would be a larger turnout for events and stuff. Great design too! Really nice looking app!!

  6. Mary Kristina Ballerscheff

    Great App! Easy to use and extremely helpful. I can't wait to find out all the information about all of the events going on this Summer!

  7. Al Regalbuto

    great app...Go team Stevenson !

  8. Cheryl Ogilvie

    Great app & great idea!! Hope it wins :)

  9. marianne bohlmann

    everything you need to stay informed of the Ottawa Scene
    A winner for sure!
    Good Luck C&W

  10. Louise Regalbuto

    Looks great and easy to use.

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