Budgets are inherently complex, and the City of Ottawa's is no exception. The 2013 budget is nearly 900 pages long, and that itself is only a summary of what the city is doing for its residents and visitors.

The first page of this visualization is designed to help a taxpayer understand the services being paid for by their tax dollars this year. The second page reviews the city's long-term investment plan.

OpenData sources used

Uses the 2013 budget spreadsheets, as well as the actual budget PDF (links in the visualization)

The value it provides to residents

The visualization summarizes the City's budget and informs residents how their property taxes are being spent. The interactive charts let users take an in-depth look at the areas that interest them.

Hopefully this easier-to-digest two-pager (vs. the full ~900 page budget) will encourage people to take a greater interest in the City's planning process in the future.


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