Do you know what to do if someone beside you is having a heart attack? Performing CPR and using an automated external defibrillator (AED) could save that person.

AED Locator for iPad and iPhone displays the automated external defibrillator in Ottawa closest to the user's current location. It shows the location, distance and even a photo of the building with the AED.

In addition, a list and map of all AEDs in the Ottawa-area are provided.

Also included are easy-to-use CPR instructions for adults, children and infants.

iPhone version:

iPad version:

OpenData sources used

City of Ottawa, Public Access Defibrillators:

University of Washington, School of Medicine, CPR instructions:

The value it provides to residents

Being able to quickly locate an AED in Ottawa could save the life of an individual who is in cardiac arrest.


  1. Susan Dugas

    This app will save lives - no question!!

    In addition, increased awareness of the location of AEDs will most likely stimulate the addition of new AEDs to the system in areas where they are visibly lacking.

  2. T Groves

    This app is no longer available on iTunes. Is an alternative available?

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