10,000 classes. 1,100 recreation facilities.1,000 parks and green spaces.
Never before has there been an easy way for residents to sort through the abundant recreation opportunities offered by our city. Ottawa Recreation Search is a designed-for-mobile website that allows visitors to effectively and visually search the recreation facilities and classes offered by the city of Ottawa, Ontario.
With a map of the locations of classes and facilities, and our advanced search tools, you can answer questions such as:

"I have a 6 year old, what swim classes are available within 5 kms of my house? Oh, and I'm only available Monday and Thursday evenings after 6 pm, and Saturday afternoons."

"Where are the parks where I can let my dog go off-leash?"

"Where are the baseball diamonds and tennis courts near me?"

"How do I get between two locations using the bike paths as much as possible?"

"I'm a senior, what classes are offered for my age group, within 10 kms of my house?"

"I want to browse the classes offered, what are the categories I can look for?"

"Find me all the yoga classes in the city, but only during the evening."

This is just a sample of some of the ways you can search the city's data and have access to the resources that suit your busy, urban lifestyle.

Connect with your neighbours: use the forums to connect with others looking for activity buddies. With your Facebook or twitter account, add a post or reply to someone else's post. Looking for a walking or cycling buddy? Or wanting to join a team sport? Head over to the forums and start connecting!

We encourage you to explore the site, and have fun. Remember, more active = healthier = happier!

OpenData sources used

recreation guides, ball diamonds, basketball, beaches, outdoor pools, parks, skateboard parks, splash pads, sports fields, tennis courts, volleyball courts, wading pools, lawn bowling

The value it provides to residents

By providing tools to find the right classes and recreation facilities for residents, this app promotes a higher level of participation in the classes and optimal use of parks and sports facilities. Residents can quickly narrow down their search based on age, location, and a host of other factors. A bilingual interface assures accessibility in both our official languages. There is a huge health benefit to becoming more active. Both physical and mental benefits!


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