FunSpots is a mobile App device that allows the public to view current events in the Ottawa Area. The application includes a Google Map so users can view events happening in an area that interests them. Users can also sign in and create an account. In the future, FunSpots 2 will allow users to add and host their own events and join other people's events. There are a number of other features that unfortunately time did not allow us to add to this version, but we have decided to continue working on the FunSpots App after the contest closes. So feel free to click the link to FunSpots 2 which will be available soon.

OpenData sources used

Murals – Paint it Up City Locations

More Data sets can be added in the future such as:
Museums 2010
Library Locations and Hours (Ottawa Public Libraries)
Lawn Bowling
Community gardens
Ball Diamonds
Basket Ball Courts
Skateboard Parks
Sports Fields
Tennis Courts
Volleyball Courts
Outdoor Rinks
Outdoor Pools
Sledding Hills
Create your own event locations / Public Hockey Rinks

The value it provides to residents

This Application provides a visual map of events so users can view all the events that interest them on their Cellphone or mobile device. The application will also be linked to more powerful programs allowing users a greater range of features.


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