Ottawa's first real-time bus arrival display takes live GPS data for Ottawa buses and visualizes on a screen the arrival times for near-by transit stops. The display shows colour-coded arrival times for the next three buses arriving at near-by bus stops, the time, local weather, and a live map with the actual position of buses serving the location of the screen.

OpenData sources used

OC Transpo Live Next Bus Arrival GPS Data
OC Transpo Schedule (GTFS)

The value it provides to residents

Perfect for coffee shops, shopping malls, public facilities, or anywhere people live, work or play near a transit stop. In a city of long, cold winters and hot, humid summers, why wait outside when you can enjoy a coffee and doughnut in the comfort of your local coffee shop without ever again having to worry about missing your bus!


  1. Mario Garneau

    Just saw it at Treats on Monday... cool stuff!

  2. Chris authier

    Wonderful app, I am using it everyday!!

  3. Josh Scharf

    Very cool use of open data.. I hope to see more of these around town.

  4. Augustina

    Great idea! This would be incredibly useful.

  5. Igor Zbitnof

    I'd use it.

  6. Jeannie Androsoff

    This is brilliant:). When are you coming to the states? We need this!!!

  7. Margaux McDonald

    Great app!!

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