Ottawa’s Heart may save your life. And gives you the chance to help save others!

Ottawa’s Heart goes beyond simply displaying the Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) maintained by the City of Ottawa, it also makes it easy for users to tag the many other AEDs around the city, adding precise (GPS) location and additional critical information. Algorithmically curated, Ottawa’s Heart makes the useful information available to all users.

Ottawa's Heart makes it easy to find an AED In the event of an emergency or simply when planning your emergency response. The useful information will be given to the City of Ottawa so that 9-1-1 dispatchers can be made aware of as many AEDs as possible.

OpenData sources used

The value it provides to residents

Ottawa’s Heart provides immense value to residents in two ways:

First, the application provides an easy way to find the nearest life-saving Automatic External Defibrillator (AED).

And second, it allows residents to contribute critical information about AEDs around the city, growing and improving the City of Ottawa public listing that currently exists.

Ottawa’s Heart will make the city more prepared to respond to heart-related emergencies!


  1. Kendra Thorogood

    I really like the idea of using crowdsourcing to find AEDs and will be sure to add any that I come across. Great job!

  2. Anthony Bailey

    If you want to support any project, support this: great idea and resource for the public and government; and the people behind it are proven, capable, and driven. With your vote, this will happen.

  3. Azhar Khan

    Keep up the good job guys. Hope you guys manage to bring this to the people who need it the most. All the best!

  4. Brian Shiaw-Ven Cheung

    Awesome idea and, even better, great implementation.

  5. Dave Chisholm

    Great app! I have added our church's AED to the list.

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