In this application, users are represented with areas carto-graphed by the day of garbage collection. Users can select a day of the week and corresponding areas are extruded in 2.5D view. Users also can hover over the whole city of Ottawa and see the related attributes regarding garbage collecting schedule.

OpenData sources used

Garbage and Recycling Schedule:

The value it provides to residents

This application helps users to manage their garbage disposal, based on the area they live and the days in which contractors collect garbages.


  1. mehdi ghotbi nejad

    Hello my friend. Thanks for your efforts. Honestly I could not understand the main purpose of this app. could you explain more details? But generally I found these problems on the app: (a)when I select one day and again another day, the first day's results should disappear but also remains until I manually refresh the page. (b) it is better to show the exact date of the day instead of simple day name.
    sincerely, Mehdi Ghotbi Nejad

  2. Ehsan Mohammadi

    Thanks Dear Mehdi, For the first issue you mentioned, I just highlight the new results and let the others be there for visualization. For the second issue, it is for all weeks and doesn't depend on date but on the day of week. Cheers, Ehsan

  3. Alborz Zamyadi

    I deleted my first comment and re-write it because I needed to update it. The app is very useful for citizens. On development, the idea to combine 2.5D extrusions with 2D maps improves visual perception as users see familiar landmarks. I see this app by the applicable context it brings up and its effort to add 3D perception to intelligent cities. Like any development, there are also points to discuss and improve. I voted for this app because it is an opportunity to collect citizens' interests in encountering such interfaces in daily life matters. Such apps are raised by citizens and help citizens to raise their participation in building numeric solutions that are useful for them. Indeed, there is a win-win situation for the developer and the community. I am sure Ehsan will use our comments and suggestions (i.e. our support) to bring up this app to the level of perfection it deserves :)

  4. Ehsan Mohammadi

    Thanks Dear Alborz. For sure, your ideas and comments will be implemented. Thanks again for your support. :)

  5. Nader Khoshroo

    Good job! Useful app!

  6. Donya

    Wish you the best luck!

  7. Hamid

    Dear Ehsan,
    Your job is really cool and great as a web based GIS application. I think much more job can be done on it. A good functionality you can add to it is enabling user to put his postal code or address in a search bar and get the date for garbage collections or other information he may need. Demonstrating information that public users need may better not be in map format.
    Your map needs more demographic and geographic data in different layers and choice for selection.
    You may complete a pilot area with complete information and then send it to Google or other municipal and environmental organizations for marketing... In this case you may want to add information on location of waste and garbage deposits onto the database you have.
    Good job dear Ehsan! And wish you all the best.

  8. Hamid

    Another idea is, to add more application on your webGIS like (print options and area of interest, News, Do and Don'ts Comments from authorities, articles, gathering and seminars or meetings, etc.) so people can get back to your application. I am thinking if someone get the information he wants from your WebGIS, then he/she don't need to get back again!

    In summary I think the idea is very cool and high tech oriented and need to be more functional. Congratulations Ehsan!

  9. Morteza

    Dear Ehsan,

    This is a great and impressive app.
    I would like to share couple of comments that might help:

    There are 4 types of bins in Ottawa (
    1-Green bins for compost
    2-Blue bins for metal and glass
    3-Black bins for paper
    4-Non-recyclable garbage

    They collect green bins every week (we have three bins for three units in our building and only one gets filled), and collect the others every other week (which to my opinion is a bad idea for the non-recyclable garbage (we always have a lot). I see that they want to motivate people to recycle more, but I don't think that their estimation of unit-level garbage generation is accurate. (Maybe you can add user polling about how happy people are with this new collection system, they used to collect non-recyclable garbage every week)

    One thing that can make your app widely used is to set an alarm with garbage day and type of garbage for the day. There is a calender, but I am lazy to look at it. I always look at neighbors to see what week it is (blue, black, green), if your app tells me that, I will definitely use it .

    Also, the pick up date shifts one day forward if there is a holiday, and if your add can count for it, it will be great!

    Furthermore, they sometimes collect the garbage very early in the morning, and we put the garbage away the night before (In this case, sometime raccoons and squirrels attack the garbage over night), if we know an approximate time of their arrival, we can manage to put the garbage away at the right time.

    Last but not least, we have information issue and sometimes put the stuff into the wrong bins. An info app, a game, or even a multiple choice question app (linked to your app) with pictures can be helpful.

    Good luck!

  10. Roozbeh Izadi

    Good Luck
    Looks usefull

  11. Ehsan Mohammadi

    @Hamid, Thanks for great ideas.

  12. Ehsan Mohammadi

    @Morteza, Thanks for clarifying the issues. BTW, I will be more than happy to implement all these ideas. I used the city's data for this app which didn't contain all these details you mentioned. Thanks again.

  13. Elaheh

    Hi Ehsan,

    I would like to share just a couple of comments:
    1. I think it would be useful if it was possible to figure out the day by just entering the postal code.
    2. It can be good if you have a check list for days to choose more than one option, instead of just choosing one option. Also, the result of the last search doesn't disappear, so it makes the map a little confusing.
    It was a great job though, good luck.

  14. Saeed Joulaei

    Good Luck Mate :)

  15. Ehsan Mohammadi

    @Elaheh, I think one of the major benefits of putting these apps on plebiscitary is to collect people's thoughts and concerns. Thank you for sharing yours. I have collected lots of new ideas from "brainstormers" and I will improve my apps accordingly. However, one of the major restrictions is data. The more complete data are the better apps can be developed. Thanks again.

  16. Majid Noori

    Useful app Ehsan and good to have the extruded building!
    I was wondering if you would like me to put some comments:

    - It seems the map engine is not responding to mouse clicks as fast as expected

    - No color code definition for "Gray", although after some clicks on weekdays the user will grab the meaning of the faded Gray color.

    -I'd rather see a kind of highlight color over selected area rather than gray. Probably bright green or magenta with thick boundary. I believe it expresses the main idea of the App more effectively.

    Good Luck!

  17. Ehsan Mohammadi

    @Majid, Thanks dude for great ideas. For sure, I will consider your comments for future improvements. Cheers.

  18. mohsen forghani

    congrads pals:) .with best wishes

  19. Mohammad kalbasi

    good luck

  20. Yashar Habibyar

    Nice job buddy :)

  21. Payam

    Dear Ehsan,
    I found your app simple but at the same time quite useful for residents as well as garbage collection authorities; possibly councils. My only feedback to you is to adjust your html code somehow it refreshes the view every time you select a new day. With current setting it could be a bit confusing between days as buildings stays elected.
    All the very best,

  22. Mahdi Ghafourian

    Thinking Spatial ! Good job ,

  23. hamed taghibegloo

    salam ehsan e aziz omidvar hastam to porjhat movafag bashi
    delam barat kheyli tang shode

  24. Rasoul Jalalifar

    Hello Mr mohammadi
    Thats greate ..thanks for efforts..
    as an offer the third dimention like we have in "balder (3D engine for Silverlight) " will help you to make it perfect ..Of course I dont know its possible for your applications or not..
    Wish you the best

  25. omid

    very good

  26. Mahshad Shafiee

    Good luck

  27. Mostafa Haghroosta

    Well done .excellent

  28. Abed

    Awesome :)

  29. Elham Ayati

    Good Luck.

  30. Chabok mirahmad

    Hi Ehsan, good on you:)

  31. Reza Ardalani

    Great job, Gents,
    Keep moving...

  32. Hamid moloodi

    Well done

  33. Fariba Kavian

    very interesting. All the best.

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