Rec Near Me provides a simple way to search for City of Ottawa recreation courses located near a given address. Results are presented using a map and a list of activities. The activities can be filtered by facility by clicking on the facility's name or on the map. The listing for each course includes it's barcode number with a direct link to the city's online registration system for ease of registration.

OpenData sources used

Recreation Guides (Spring/Summer 2013)

The value it provides to residents

The print and online recreation guides provide courses listed by subject, along with the name of the facilities where they are offered, but no easy way to tell where that facility is. This app saves residents time when trying to find a course to take that is located conveniently for them, and can help people discover facilities they didn't even know existed.


  1. Michael Aubie

    Oh wow - great idea! :D

  2. Sean Smith

    What a great time-saver!

  3. Anne Caverhill

    Good Lucxk Lisa...a great idea for tourists too!

  4. Leslie Gaudette

    Agreed - it will be easy to find activities when I am in town.

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