Go back in time and see what Ottawa was like 100 years ago. Many landmarks throughout the city have important historical significance that is hidden from view. This app will help you to discover this history by showing you these landmarks and the area around them decades ago. Go through the gallery to see historic photos of Ottawa, and then see what those locations look like today by using interactive media, or by going there yourself using the directions provided. HistoriCity Ottawa shows how the areas around you were used in the past and how they have evolved over time. Uncover the hidden history of the buildings around you in Ottawa.

OpenData sources used

OC Transpo Landmarks

The value it provides to residents

HistoriCity Ottawa allows residents to better understand the history of their city by showing them notable photos of locations that they may see every day. By comparing classic photos to the current state of landmarks throughout the city, residents will gain insight into how their city has evolved and developed over the course of several decades. The app also displays locations for a number of important landmarks and provides users with directions on how to get there.


  1. Jay Pelletier

    HistoriCity has given me a new appreciation for how Ottawa has grown and changed over the years. It's a perfect way to add fun and learning into my weekend walks. Definitely could see this app being used by tourists and locals alike. Overall, a great app!

  2. Lee Stach

    As someone who has exhausted all the typical tourist attractions available in Ottawa, I appreciate the HistoriCity Ottawa app for providing me with new historic landmarks to visit. The app introduced me to new areas that I would never had otherwise visited and made getting to these areas easy. The app is user friendly and straight forward. I will definitely continue to use this app and hope more content is added!

  3. Kemal Dzidic

    A user friendly app which helps you explore the city in an interactive and educational manner. Works well with Google Maps and Google Earth to provide an all around enjoyable and reliable experience. I highly recommend this app not only for tourists looking to explore the city but also for individuals looking to gain a whole new appreciation for the city of Ottawa. 5 Stars!!

  4. Muditha Galle Kankanange

    Overall HistoricCity is great app. Ottawa is a historic city filled with countless beautiful landmarks. This App allows users to explore the city in a whole new user friendly away. Often we take for granted the architecture that is around us. This app allows users to gain a whole new appreciating for Ottawa and its rich historic cityscape. I can see this app being a huge success amongst the 1000s of locals and tourist that walk through downtown Ottawa every day.

  5. Lisa Atkinson

    Great idea! I have been living in the area for sometime and find myself exploring Ottawa. I can see this coming in handy for those times I want to explore the history of Ottawa. It's a beautiful city & often wonder about certain landmarks. With this App I could have the history of what I'm exploring at the time.

  6. Kalum Galle

    This is very powerful and potential for other type of GIS integration is limitless. Just imagine running this app in Google Glasses interface? you can pretty much walk the streets in Ottawa as you time traveled to a past decade! Way to go Desh!


    Amazing idea! Would love to see it applied to other cities!

  8. Nyenyezi Sang

    Great idea, would definitely use it.

  9. Chris Meehan

    Great app Desh, definitely agree with Steph, should make one for every major city internationally, people would love it!

  10. Rajeev C

    Great idea and fantastic implementation. It actually makes it easy for me to sound smart and I know what I'm talking about when I'm taking friends/family around the city.

  11. Patrick Persaud

    As a lover of history and architecture, this app is a great excuse to explore the city, and appreciate some of the stories behind our famous buildings.

  12. Neha Kaur

    This is such a great idea for outside travelers AND locals. As someone who enjoys researching backgrounds of historical landmarks before traveling to a new city, this app is very beneficial. I wish i had this app when i was visiting Ottawa last summer!

  13. Yasmeen Mitha

    Love, Love this App!! Great Idea and very practical!!! Even If one has lived here for a long time, One discovers more hidden secrets!

  14. Cheryl Thompson

    Great idea! I love the photographs.

  15. Hamad N

    Great app for anyone who is visiting our capital!

  16. Tony Tran

    Great idea! Looking forward to this.

  17. Shirosh Tissera

    This such a great idea for sure and has great potential.

  18. Julia B.

    I would qualify This app as practical. I can't count the amount of times I ended up in a part of Ottawa and wondered if I was really in my city. It's a great app to have when you want to feel like a tourist without spending the traveling cost. There's always more to discover and this app just make it easier for the locals and the tourists!

  19. Aisha Haider

    Very informative app about the historical aspects; the pictures are great too!

  20. Janette Yuen

    Great start to a "walking tour" tourist app! Good use of Google StreetView, especially aiming similar angles to the historic photos to sense the changes.

    Hope to use it the next time I'm in Ottawa!

  21. Ruwan Amaratunga

    Fantastic app! Whether you are a newcomer to Ottawa, or a long-time resident, this app is a great way to learn more about this great city.

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