This bilingual app unites you and the Ottawa Transit System to provide effortless travel around the City of Ottawa. Whether you are a seasoned Ottawa Transit user, a casual visitor to this beautiful city, a tourist in search of adventure or maybe a new student at an Ottawa university or College, this app is your friend. Whether you know where you are going or not, the app comes preloaded with thousands of landmarks and popular destinations. Like your own personal guide, this app plans your trip, takes you to meet the bus, ensures you are alerted when you are reaching your stop, and gives you directions to help you complete the rest of the journey. You will be surprised by the ease of use and the very things you need to do to look up a live bus schedule or plan and take a trip - you do almost nothing and the app does almost everything.

- Bilingual
- Trip planning
- Guided to the bus
- See the bus live on a map as you plan / wait
- Keep updated during the trip
- Guided to your final destination after leaving the bus
- Live Schedules

We think you will use the transit system just to enjoy the experience this app brings. O-Transit makes your trip on the Ottawa Transit System fun.

OpenData sources used

Landmarks (OC Transpo Travel Planner)

OC Transpo Live next bus arrival data feed - both live next bus arrival time as well as bus routes for a stop web services

OC Transpo Schedules

The value it provides to residents

Coupling the expectations Ottawa’s of residents, friends and visitors with the city’s investment in its Transit System is a key goal of this app. This O-Transit app is about “you” and your ability to move around the nation’s capital. Using this bilingual app the residents, friends, and visitors of Ottawa will be able to plan, take and enjoy the Ottawa Transit System. A well-built Transit System coupled with informed users, supported by an intuitive app – now that is a great combination, supporting the residents of Ottawa.


  1. Ken Sutcliffe

    nice app - go O-Transit...

  2. Brock Dodgson

    Great attention to detail

  3. Dale Hall

    I really like how user friendly it is.

  4. Peter Lang


    Just the app I was looking for.

  5. Linda Couture

    Does this app only work on the iphone and "i" products??? No good for me, I have a blackberry....too bad....nice app.

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