Imagine driving or walking through an Ottawa neighborhood that you like and wished there was a way to instantly know what is available for rent in the area? The RentCompass Android app allows you to find what is available for rent in the area right on your smartphone and also learn more about that neighborhood; see nearby parks, libraries, museums, rinks, daycare facilities and more.

Searching for rentals is super easy, pan and zoom through the map to see more rentals in your desired area and Android's GPS integration allows you to see homes nearby. Look at photos, description and info about that rental.

Want to know what the area looks like? Check it out with StreetView or tap the map button to see what the area has to offer in parks, museums, sport facilities or daycare facilities.

Sources de données utilisées

Ball Diamonds
Basket Ball Courts
Child care facilities
Museums 2010
Outdoor Pools
Outdoor Rinks
Parks - All
Splash Pads
Tennis Courts

Atouts de l’application pour les résidents

This app allows residents the ability to find rentals on the go or from the comfort of their home on their Android phone or tablet. It also allows them to know what the city has to offer near each rental making house hunting decisions easy and quick.


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