Developing Ottawa is a website that shows infrastructure changes in the city on a map.

It covers all jurisdictions: City of Ottawa, Ontario Ministry of Transportation, National Capital Commission, school boards and others, and is searchable by ward.

More than a collection of existing information, Developing Ottawa is a wiki that allows anyone to contribute new entries, add details or make corrections to existing content.

The projects described in Developing Ottawa include major, prominent ones like the widening of Highway 417, the redevelopment of Lansdowne Park and the the Laurier Segregated Bicycle Lane. These projects are complex and have detail supplemented by local experts. Content may can include summary information, photographs, documents and links to other websites.

Other projects included in Developing Ottawa are smaller and less known, like new water mains, new traffic signals or park improvements. These are listed and include budget and project timelines.

For all entries there is structured information, including governing bodies, location and budget, but contributors may structure their entry details differently.

Sources de données utilisées

From the Open Data catalogue:
- Budget 2012
- Ward boundaries

It uses the 2013 budget extensively. The site content also uses many documents and information available through

Atouts de l’application pour les résidents

Developing Ottawa answers the question: "What's going on near me?" It provides residents with a way to easily find details of planned or current projects on one website.

It also provides a way for local experts to share information with other residents.


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