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  • Biosolids quality

    City of Ottawa biosolids are tested every two weeks by a third-party accredited laboratory for metals, pathogens and nutrients, as well as additional testing beyond regulatory requirements.
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  • Water Quality – Baseline Surface Water Monitoring Program

    Water Quality in Ottawa’s Rivers and Streams is monitored by the City of Ottawa’s Water Environment Protection Program (WEPP) to provide up-to-date information on the condition of Ottawa’s surface water resources. 
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  • Drinking Water Summary Data (Purification Plants)

    The data sets are annual summaries of the untreated Ottawa River water, the Treated water leaving each drinking water purification plant (Britannia and Lemieux Island) plus the Central Distribution System for each calendar year. These data sets are ...
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  • Drinking Water Summary Data (Communal Wells)

    Provides a summary of physical, microbiological, chemical, & radiological test results for each of the City’s five community wells: Carp, Munster Hamlet, Richmond (Kings Park Subdivision, Shadow Ridge, and Vars. There is a separate file for each of the ...
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