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  • Opioid overdose emergency department visit count by month

    Monthly count of emergency department visits at Ottawa hospitals for patients diagnosed with an opioid overdose/poisoning
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  • Emergency Room Suspected Drug Overdose

    A weekly count of suspected overdose-related emergency department visits at Ottawa hospitals.
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  • Beach water sampling data

    This dataset includes the sampling results and the swimming advisories for the City of Ottawa beaches for the swimming season.
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  • Public Health Inspection Data

    These data encompass all inspection data collected by public health inspectors in the City of Ottawa, including restaurant and personal services inspections. The data are available in both CSV and API formats. The CSV format follows the LIVES ...
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  • Needle Drop Boxes and Take it Back! pharmacies

    Locations across the City of Ottawa where used needles, syringes, crack pipes (glass stems) and other sharps can be returned and disposed of. Please note sharps waste from private medical practices (physicians’ offices/clinics, hospitals) will not be ...
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